problems compiling EGCS snapshots

William Gacquer
Wed Mar 17 01:06:00 GMT 1999

	I need to work with the new EGCS snapshots. Compiling them is not a
problem on my linux box but I am unable to do so on my NT4 SP4 workstation
(with cygwin b20.1). 
	It always claim that "stdlib.h" is missing at the very end of the
	I know that the gret Mumit khan is the king of EGCS porting. Do you
have any recipe to port the snapshots to cygwin? (some kind of patch or some
kind of operations that have to be done on the sources).
	Best regards,	

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> From:	Mumit Khan [SMTP:khan@xraylith.wisc.EDU]
> Sent:	Wednesday, March 17, 1999 8:10 AM
> To:	Andrew Dalgleish
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> Subject:	Re: [ANN] EGCS-1.1.2 binaries for Cygwin b20.1 available 
> Andrew Dalgleish <> writes:
> > Works ok on NT4SP3 and 98.
> Thanks! I've replaced the distribution. Anyone who's having problems,
> please redownload the egcs-1.1.2-cygb20.tar.gz file.
> I really appreciate this quick turnaround in testing.
> Now for as to why, that can wait till next week after I sail the Pacific
> for a few days ...
> Regards,
> Mumit
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