NT server and cygnus

Richard Hammersley hammersley@austin.apc.slb.com
Tue Mar 16 18:44:00 GMT 1999

Has anyone had experience of running Cygnus on an NT server? 

I am running Cygnus B20.1 with NT Server (SP 3). When running make for
some reason it appears to hang (if I leave it running overnight it does
process the make file). When running on plain NT (SP 4) there seems to
be no problem.

The Makefiles are plain text unix files. I wonder if the processing of
Makefiles been changed somehow, perhaps on NT server? I get odd look
error messages if I try and edit the Makefiles using something like

Any ideas/suggestions?

Much thanks,
Richard Hammersley     Schlumberger Austin Product Centre
Tel:512 331 3731 Fax:512 331 3075 mailto:hammersl@slb.com

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