Compiled executable differences between 9x and NT

Glenn Spell
Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

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Jonathan Pryor wrote:
> I suppose I wasn't too clear in my original message.
> It was the *application* that was crashing; not Windows.

I just wanted to make sure you know what I was seeing.

> As for the download issue...  I hadn't run into that before.
> Is "application/zip" close-enough for a tarball?  e.g.
>     <a href="gecl.tgz" type="application/zip">source tarball</a>

Well, I tried again and Netscape 4.05 still corrupts the file on
download. I assume the problem is still the headers generated
by your webserver.

> (I didn't see anything referencing "tar" in the IANA database,
> but I saw "application/zip", which seems to fit...)

I saw that there also. Oddly, either Netscape or WinZip set me
up in Netscape with "application/x-zip-compressed    .ZIP". I
changed it to "application/zip" before I tried the download.

> Hopefully, this should fix the mime type problem -- if you're
> accessing from an html page, anyway.  I'm not sure how to set
> the mime-type on a file when _directly_ accessing the file,
> instead of through an href.  Thoughts?

I believe the following method will work regardless of how the
file is accessed. Since you're using Apache on FreeBSD, just
make a file named ".htaccess" in that directory with the
following content:

AddType    application/x-gzip    .gz .tgz
AddType    application/x-tar     .tar

File permissions must be correct and there may need to be
other directives in the file depending on how Apache is
configured. Check with the Head System Admin (Daniel Hagan)
there or the WWW Group <> if you need help.

Actually, those types are so common they should have been
set up in the global config files by the admin. (I searched
for examples of ".tgz" on the Net but didn't find any. I
don't think what follows "application/" is critical... only
that the server recognizes the extension ".tgz" and prints
a Content-Type header that results in a binary download.)

To check the headers sent by your server you can use DJ's
"HTTP Header Viewer" at:
    < >


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