cygwin tar to tape?

Corinna Vinschen
Thu May 6 08:35:00 GMT 1999

Willie Morrison wrote:
> We are trying to tar a directory to an xabyte tape on a scsi connection to
> a Windows NT workstation. We are trying the following command:
>     tar -cvf \\tape1 images
> ... where images is a directory.   The system builds up first tar block but
> when it comes to write it we get error denying access permission to
> \\tape1. We have a dat drive on tape0. We can write to tape with NT
> backup.
> We implemented the unix tools only from user.exe. Can one use unix mt
> commands to rewind tape and skip tape marks?
> If anyone can help us we would appreciate.
> Willie Morrison

The current offical release of cygwin doesn't contain working
tape support. The snapshots since 99-Jan-30 contains them, but
if you want to be on the safe side of life try the unofficial
version of B20.1, which already contains the patch:

contains various files, which are helpful using tapes:
The patched cygwin1.dll itself:

The mt-command:

A patched tar, which itself tries to set it's block size
(Not necessary, but less anger):

A patched cpio, which itself tries to set it's block size as the
forementioned tar does:


PS: The path to the tape would be '\\.\tape0', but this isn't needed
with cygwin. Instead, you should mount it:

	mount -b //./tape0 /dev/st0	(rewind)
	mount -b //./tape0 /dev/nst0	(norewind)

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