install.exe and make install can't handle executables?

Ian Zimmerman
Thu May 13 14:24:00 GMT 1999

Hi, it looks like running "make install" pretty much on any GNU style
package will fail because the makefile rule passes "foo" as the filename
for install while the file that must be installed is "foo.exe".  Note
that this _cannot_ be solved by telling "--program-suffix=.exe" to
configure, because that only changes the destination name, not the
source name.

Is there any solution to this, or am I just out of luck and have to copy
files manually?  The problem with this is not so much my laziness as the
fact that sometimes "make install" does other important things I don't
want to miss.

Ian Zimmerman
Lightbinders, Inc.
2325 3rd Street #324, San Francisco, California 94107

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