DDD And Cygwin

Earnie Boyd earnie_boyd@yahoo.com
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

--- "Suhaib M. Siddiqi" <ssiddiqi@inspirepharm.com> wrote:
> My ISP even told me that DDD file exceeds their 1.5 MB per file and
> total
> 5 MB space.
> I have moved the web pages to Geocities.  The new address is
> http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/Form/2698 .
> Thanks for your help.  Geocities will allow me to post some stuff which
> I had been holding back because of limited space on the web server.

You might want to take a look at webjump.com also.  25M of free disk space per

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