newbie problems in post-install with mkdir in win98

Roger Lee
Sat May 8 17:15:00 GMT 1999

Dear folks,
I couldn't find what I wanted in the FAQ, list archive, or User Guide, so
I'd appreciate some help to get started.

I'm using Win98. I dl'ed the beta 21 full.exe, ran it, ran the installer
which created the expected directory structure on my C: drive. I created
C:\cygroot for use as a root directory. Trying to mount this as / gave some
problems, but currently when I use just the bare mount command, I see

c:cygroot        /        native        text!=binary

My current directory shows as //C/cygnus/cygwin-b20 but when I try to do the
"mkdir /tmp" I get response

mkdir: cannot make directory '/tmp': No such file or directory

I added to my autoexec.bat "set HOME=C:\home" - is this ok?
I'd also like to install the full-man package which I unpacked with bunzip2
ok, but it's not obvious what to do next. I mean where should I untar it to?
and where is the man command?

Strange, I kind-of felt I was a fairly experienced Unix user before I came
across cygwin, but I guess I must be missing a few tricks.

Thanks for any help,


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