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Randall Schulz rschulz@Teknowledge.COM
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999


I believe I've had the same trouble you're experiencing. I solved it by
configuring the shortcut I always use to launch BASH. You can exert all
kinds of control over the startup behavior:

- Starting directory
- Additional arguments to BASH.
- Window size, placement, font and colors
- System-level accellerator key for launching or bringing window to front

Create a shortcut to BASH and put it in a convenient location (for me,
that's the desktop). Access the shortcut's properties dialog (by selecting
the last command in the menu that results from right-mousing the shortcut
icon). One of the panes / tabs of that dialog is the "Shortcut" pane. Here
you can control the current directory at the time BASH starts up (the
"Start in:" text field) and the options passed to BASH (the "Target:" text
field). The "Shortcut Key:" field is where you can set the launch / restore
key. Font control, window size and placement (and scroll buffer size) and
the colors of the text and background each have their own tabbed panes.

A control freak's delight, I'd say.

Randy Schulz
Teknowledge Corp.
Palo Alto, CA USA

At 02:39 PM 5/10/99 , Ian Zimmerman wrote:
>For some reason, I can't get bash to automatically change to my home
>directory when it starts.  The HOME envar is set to the Unixoid path, ie.
>/home/itz.  It has to be that way because I have other Cygwin-linked
>programs (XEmacs is one) that I want to be able to start independently,
>before bash has run.
>Yes, I give bash the --login and -i flags.  It makes no difference.  Unless
>I explicitly cd to the home directory from the batch wrapper, the directory
>I end up in is either the bin directory where bash executable is located,
>or some weird ....\Desktop\itz place (the latter seems to happen when I
>start it through a Windows "shortcut").
>As a consequence, my .profile is not being sourced, etc. etc.
>Any ideas appreciated.
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