-mno-cygwin: STATUS_STACK_OVERFLOW before main

salvador salvador@inti.gov.ar
Tue Feb 1 07:41:00 GMT 2000


  I have an application that compiles fine using Mingw32. When I try to compile
it using Cygwin B20.1 (adding -mno-cygwin and -lmingw32 -lcrtdll) I get an
executable, but it dies before reaching main with an STATUS_STACK_OVERFLOW
  I tried with --stack XXXX without luck (same crash in same place).
  My questions:

1) What's status stack?
2) Anybody knows what could be the source of this problem?

  I also saw the program loads cygwin1.dll, is that correct for a mingw32
application generated by cygwin tools or is the result of some mess from my

  I also tried using the libraries and headers from the Mingw32 copy that
generates a valid exe and got the same result.


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