-mno-cygwin: STATUS_STACK_OVERFLOW before main

Dirk Fieldhouse fieldhouse@logica.com
Wed Feb 2 11:04:00 GMT 2000

On Tue, 01 Feb 2000 12:47:52 -0300, salvador <salvador at inti dot gov dot ar> wrote:

> I have an application that compiles fine using Mingw32. When I 
> try to compile it using Cygwin B20.1 (adding -mno-cygwin and
> -lmingw32 -lcrtdll) I get an executable, but it dies before 
> reaching main with an STATUS_STACK_OVERFLOW error.
>  I tried with --stack XXXX without luck (same crash in same 
> place).

Check your include and link paths. Your supposed mingw32 app is obviously not one.

A cygwin installation can easily get confused about a mingw32 target because some #define or library reference may be accidentally resolved against the cygwin include/library files which may follow the mingw32 ones in the search paths. This is almost certainly the problem here. Is your program C++ or C - I have seen this with C++ in the past ?

There is some confusion (for me at least) about which files are usable in both targets - those for the Windows OS (.h and lib*.a) ought to be OK.

I guess the appropriate resolution of this is for the -mno-cygwin specs to select a different set of paths and use -nostdinc (and the ld equivalent) or similar to avoid picking up cygwin stuff from well-known locations like /usr/include - or to be sure that you don't put cygwin stuff in any of these places.

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