B.20.1 bash question - paths sent to #!

Al and Patricia carat@earthlink.net
Tue Feb 1 13:11:00 GMT 2000

Hello -

I looked in the archives and did not see a solution to this issue:

I have 3 drives on my NT 4.0 system: C: D: E:.
I have a perl script that has "#!/usr/bin/perl" in it.
I am trying to put the perl script in my path, so that I can run it from
any drive.
I am using ActiveState Perl.

Here is the situation.  First, my perl script is called "pop3", and it
resides in /e/perl/bin.  If I put /e/perl/bin in my path, then I believe
that bash calls /usr/bin/perl with the file name as /e/perl/bin/pop3.
However, AS Perl can't interpret this file name and gives a "file not found"

I tried putting /perl/bin/ in my path, and this works, as long as I am "on"
the e drive.  When I go to another drive, /perl/bin does not exist, and
calling pop3 fails again.

So what I'd like is to have bash convert the Posix path of the called script
to win32 when using the #! syntax, so that AS Perl (and other interpreters)
will have a path it can work with.  Is there a workaround?

I hope this makes sense.  Let me know if can clarify.
Al and Patricia

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