Perl ported to Cygwin bug report (-w)

Charles S. Wilson
Thu Feb 17 13:23:00 GMT 2000

Soren Andersen wrote:

> >   Other than setting ntea (or ntsec) I don't remember why -w would fail.
> I am a little unclear on this. I *wasn't setting* either of these at all before, I
> had no CYGWIN env var in my .bat file. NOW, i *am* setting ntea. Am I
> wanting to set "no ntea" instead???

No, no -- sorry, I wasn't being clear. What I meant was, it's possible that NOT having
it set, as was true in your case, could make the -w test fail. Therefore, setting ntea
might fix the problem. (Or, setting ntsec might fix the problem). However, you
reported that ntea did not help. So I'm out of ideas there.

> > It's possible something got fixed between the perl5.005_03 and perl5.005_62
> > releases for cygwin-b20, because I don't see this behavior.
> YOU'RE the fellow aren't you? This is your binary dist of Perl I am using
> right?

Probably. <g>

> Hmm. Problem: I think Tk v. 8.0018 (?) -- latest release -- is broken, won't
> build on Perl 5.005_62. Therefore i won't get Tk if i go with that Perl ...

Oh - I didn't know that. Is only broken on cygwin, or is Tk8.0018 broken w.r.t
perl5.005_62 on all platforms?

> > I'd recommend
> > downloading and installing the later version if you can -- it's at
> > . OTOH, if you update to the more recent
> > cygwin snapshots, then the latest precompiled perl is perl5.5.640 (aka
> > perl5.6 beta0), also available at cygutils.
> Thanks for the info.


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