Perl ported to Cygwin bug report (-w)

Soren Andersen
Thu Feb 17 17:39:00 GMT 2000

On 17 Feb 00, an entity purporting to be Charles S. Wilson
[Charles S. Wilson <>] wrote [regarding Re: Perl ported to Cygwin bug report (-w)]

> Oh - I didn't know that. Is only broken on cygwin, or is Tk8.0018 broken
> w.r.t perl5.005_62 on all platforms?

I have been reading the README for Tk and it is my recollection that it is 
all Perls v5.005_62 -- but to actually check that I'd need to get the 
README again from the package on CPAN (hehe) and look it over  ...

    soren andersen

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