cygwin perl exception

Christopher Jones
Thu Feb 17 13:34:00 GMT 2000

Title: cygwin perl exception

wanted to follow up to myself and say that the version of libnet I had 
installed, 1.0607, was causing the core dump from Perl and downgrading to 1.0506 
solved the problem.  Both versions are available from CPAN.  I do not 
know whether libnet-1.0607 normally works on newer cygwin systems, unix systems, 
etc. but it doesn't work for me.  I've included the output of perl -v for 
reference in case someone else runs into this.
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    [] Sent: Friday, February 04, 
    2000 12:53 PM To: Cygwin (E-mail) Subject: cygwin perl 
    I have a weird situation where on two boxes with cygwin 
    b20.1 full.exe a Perl program fails with an exception 
    STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION (which from a previous message on the list means it 
    attempted to access some part of memory it shouldn't or similar?) and on a 
    third (where it was developed) the program executes perfectly.  To 
    complicate matters when running the Perl interpreter in debug mode or when 
    running it in gdb this exception never occurs on either of the two boxes 
    which fail normal execution.  I have installed the 011599 cygwin1.dll 
    on one of the failing boxes to see if anything changed and it still fails 
    with the same exception during normal execution but works just fine in a 
    debugger.  Any ideas what might cause something like this?  I'm 
    working on narrowing down the exact line of Perl which causes the problem 
    but it's taking longer than usual given how the problem is manifesting 
    I took a glance at the output of cygcheck on the passing box 
    and a failing box and couldn't discern anything of interest although I can 
    post those if it helps.  The box which the script works on without 
    causing Perl to go nuts does not have the 011599 cygwin1 dll.  There is 
    also a perl.exe.core which I've attached but I don't know if it is useful or 
    Thanks, Brian 

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