cygwin perl exception

Charles S. Wilson
Thu Feb 17 13:39:00 GMT 2000

libnet-1.0607 works[*] in the following configuration:

(1) cygwin snapshot 1/06/2000
(2) perl5.5.640


[*] at least it passes the tests; I didn't actually USE

Christopher Jones wrote:

> Just wanted to follow up to myself and say that the
> version of libnet I had installed, 1.0607, was causing the
> core dump from Perl and downgrading to 1.0506 solved the
> problem.  Both versions are available from CPAN.  I do not
> know whether libnet-1.0607 normally works on newer cygwin
> systems, unix systems, etc. but it doesn't work for me.
> I've included the output of perl -v for reference in case
> someone else runs into this.

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