rebuilding cywin v1.0: where is sh.exe

DJ Delorie
Thu Feb 24 11:41:00 GMT 2000

> I've noticed that the Cygwin v1.0 that I just purchased behaves
> somewhat differently than the version B20 that I was using
> previously.  It seems that Cygwin v1.0 was mounting the C:\Cygwin in
> "binary" mode rather than "text!=binary" as did the Cygwin B20.

Yup, this was on purpose.

> OK so then I edit c:\Cygwin\src\bash\make_cmd.c and put in changes that I got
> from this email list and then kicked off a full build.
>   cd c:\Cygwin
>   src\rebuild.bat

Um, you do mean "./configure; make" right?

> The make'ing of the "install" target failed because it couldn't find "sed".

sed is on the CD and should be installed with everything else.

> After the build I have no sh.exe under c:\build1.  I do have a new
> bash.exe but it is the sh.exe that I would like to use (I think) in
> my makefiles as "SHELL=sh.exe".  Anyone know if sh.exe is supposed
> to get rebuilt and how it differs from bash.exe?

sh.exe is from ash, not bash.  If you want to rebuild sh.exe, you need
to rebuild ash.  However, you may choose to copy bash.exe to sh.exe.
They both work, but ash is smaller and faster.  However, ash may not
need the bugfix you are applying.

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