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Emanuele Aliberti
Mon Jan 10 01:38:00 GMT 2000

Andre Oliveira da Costa wrote:

>I created a zero-length file named "aux" in the POSIX subsystem
>This seems like a bug in Windows Explorer, but we can't prevent it
>without avoiding reserved names completely, so that'd be my

Win32 applications access devices via symbolic links in the executive 
namespace (at least under NT), idem PSX applications.

"AUX", if opened by KERNEL32.CreateFile, actually opens \DosDevices\AUX . 
"\DosDevices" is actually a link to "\??", and "\??\AUX" is a link to 
"\DosDevices\COM1", and finally "\??\COM1" is a link to "\Device\Serial0". 
Since file names management is filtered on a subsystem basis (Win32 
filtering is different than PSX one), there is no way to access an "AUX" 
file created in PSX from a Win32 application (PSXDLL.creat and 
do not see the "aux" redirected to "\Device\Serial0"; probably they see 
"/dev/tty0" as "\Device\Serial0").

A freeware executive's namespace browser is here:
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