Compiling DJGPP with Cygwin?

Kendall Bennett
Wed Jan 19 19:43:00 GMT 2000

Hi Guys,

I now have Cygwin B20.1 (no snapshots) installed and it is working 
nicely. One of the problems I have with Windows 2000 is that it does 
not implement the Int 2Fh interfaces to expose long filenames to DOS 
and Win16 apps like Windows 9x does. Hence DOS32 programs and Win16 
programs can't use long filenames, which causes problems when trying 
to compile with the DJGPP compiler.

So, I was thinking that the perfect solution would be to recompile 
the DJGPP command line tools as native Win32 apps using Cygwin. Has 
anyone already done this? If not, is there anything I should be aware 
of before trying to do this, or should it pretty much be a simple re-
compile of the DJGPP sources??

If I do this, I assume it would be of interest to other DJGPP 
developers, so perhaps I should post it up somewhere? If so where?


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