Is there anyway to download the Cygwin Users Guide?

Aaron J. Outhier
Mon Dec 31 16:11:00 GMT 2001

Dear Randall,
  I know about these links, I've seen them before, but they
are not what I'm looking for. The link to the User's Guide
is in multi-page HTML Format. That means I would have to
download each page seperately, and the Tar-Ball (I believe
that's what they are called) has something like 3 or 4
different formats for EACH of 2 or 3 different documents. I
would rather not spend 3 hours downloading it, thanks
anyway! Isn't there anyway/anywhere to get ONE copy of ONE
document in ONE format/encoding?

As for wget, isn't that the program that allows you to
bulk-copy files from the net? Although that would probably
help in the long run, Typing out the URLs for each page
could be time consuming. It may be convenient to put these
commands in a shell script or something, but I'd rather go
"Click-Click-Click-<"Downloading" message displayed by
Browser>-<Happy User>".

  -- Aaron

--- Randall R Schulz <> wrote:
> Aaron,
> Links to the documents you seek reside here:
> <> 
> (which is itself linked from the main Cygwin page in the
> "Documents" link 
> in the left-hand sidebar.
> There is a gzip-ed TAR archive there, too.
> By the way, wget is your friend: "wget --help" or "man
> wget". It's not 
> necessary in this case because there is an archive
> available, but on lots 
> of other sites it's a life-saver!
> Randall Schulz
> Mountain View, CA USA

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