postgres 7.3 IpcSemaphoreCreate: semget(key=1, num=17, 03600)failed: Function not implemented

Jason Tishler
Mon Dec 9 10:20:00 GMT 2002


On Sun, Dec 08, 2002 at 11:01:32AM -0500, Elfyn wrote:
> I am getting the exact same results as you are Jari. I had a working
> postgres install just before the return values were changed in cygipc
> (1.12), but as i only use it rarely i did not notice the service
> starting or not starting up. From what I can see it looks like
> postgres.exe was not linked with libcygipc.a.

See my previous post.

> Jason, can you confirm that postgres is working?

I run the full PostgreSQL regression test *every* time before I release
a package.


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