using MFC with cygwin

Wed Dec 11 22:55:00 GMT 2002

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> No one has ported MFC to any compiler besides VC++.  And while
> it could be done, the benefits are minimal since the Microsoft
> license would prevent you from distributing the result.

MFC was not ported to VC; it did not exist prior to VC.

I am 95% sure that (some) Borland compilers license (include) MFC. You might
be correct that it has not been ported, but Microsoft licenses it. The VC
compiler includes the MFC source code so it would not be too much work to
port (unlicensed). I assume that if source code existed that did the same
thing as MFC then it could be entirely legal.

I think the original question was about a console program that used MFC and
I would probably suggest not using MFC for that.

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