Mysterious FTP failure
Thu Dec 19 07:53:00 GMT 2002

I'm guessing that you're stuck debugging this one.  I don't think 
someone else is going to be able to guess what changed on your 
system to cause this problem to surface for you (though maybe I'm 
wrong).  I expect the most direct route to discover more details 
about the problem and an eventual solution would be to run a 
debug version of ftp in gdb and see what happens.   This should at
least narrow down the possibilities to a reasonable size and give 
the list some details to cogitate, assuming the results don't 
automatically point you to a solution yourself.

Good luck,


Original Message:
From: Brian Kelly
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 09:15:53 -0500
Subject: Mysterious FTP failure

I’ve been using cygwin’s ftp.exe client program on my NT 4.0 SP 6
machine for quite a while. It’s
worked flawlessly for months. I have not made any changes to the box and
have not upgraded any
cygwin components in months. Sometime in the last 48 hours “something”
changed. Now when
I attempt to ftp a tar file, it sends about 98-99% of it or so, and then
mysteriously quits – “thinking”
it had sent the whole thing. (It does not report any transmission
errors). It’s not tar, because if I
ftp TO the box via inetd/ftpd and retrieve the file – the whole thing
transfers just fine. I’ve rebooted the
box numerous times, as well cold shutdown (to reset the network card) –
same problem. I haven’t
tried uninstalling or reinstalling any cygwin components, because I’d
really like to understand what’s
CAUSING the problem. I’m writing automation software that has advanced
error checking and I’d
like to trap and “identify” this condition (if possible) and advise in
an error message what the possible
genesis of the condition is and what hints one can follow to remedy
and/or prevent the problem. The
automation software essentially “automates” cross-network unix
command-line environments and is
100% perl. As such, it relies on cygwin for this environment on MSWin
boxes. If one “node” fails – it
can switch boxes automatically – but being able to determine WHY a box
has a problem and reporting
it successfully is VERY important to the overall approach of the
If anyone’s got a clue what’s happened to break ftp – or can suggest
what other things I can investigate
to get the “bottom” of this problem – I’d REALLY appreciate it.
Brian Kelly

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