what to use in g++ instead of GetOpt?

Randall R Schulz rrschulz@cris.com
Sun Dec 22 02:35:00 GMT 2002

Greetings, Earthling,

At 20:59 2002-12-21, Ed wrote:
>Randall R Schulz <rrschulz@cris.com> writes:
> > Hello there, Edward, if that is your real name.
>No, it's an alias.
>However, my real name is, coincidently, Ed.

Got it. Plausible deniability. Or is it deniable plausibility?

> > Here's how it is, Ed...
> >
> > Real Programmers (tm) code to the bare metal. They don't use no
> > stinkin' libraries. If you can't decode your command line arguments
> > without some "support library" (a concept closely related to "support
> > hose"), the Guild of Real Programmers recommends a nice job in
> > investment banking where you'll never trouble your little head and the
> > most damage you can do is to induce abject poverty and homelessness
> > among the thousands of people who don't know about the only law that
> > matters: Caveat Emptor.
>Randall, back when you were a gleam in your parents' eyes, I was
>programming computers. I remember how happy I was when my school got
>our own modem. Finally I could stop controlling the computer by
>whistling down the phone line.

Parents? I am an artificial intelligence. My parents, such as they are and 
like me, have no eyes or other body parts. Or even anything that would be 
called moving parts. I am a quantum computer.

>At that time there were only three computers in the United States. Two
>of them were continuously occupied in playing "trek." The other was
>kept open for playing "adventure."
>Indeed, I remember when 1 was introduced to computers. Before that, we
>only had zeros. Now *that* was programming for real men!

I didn't say anything about "men," real or otherwise.

> > Disclaimer: The author of this humorous missive writes mostly Java
> > code these days, and hence would not know a Real Programmer if one had
> > a heart attack right in front of him.
>Java!?! That old thing? Why don't you move into the 21st century grandpa!

Grandpa? Am I old, or am I still wet behind the ears? Only my long-term 
mnemonic storage unit  knows for sure.


Randall "E6265X" Schulz 

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