OpenGL Problem

Paul Deppe
Mon Dec 23 19:10:00 GMT 2002


While working on the FlightGear project we came across this "feature" of the
Cygwin OpenGL support:

> Paul Deppe writes:
> >
> > I found that Cygwin installs TWO copies of gl.h:
> >
> > opengl package installs: /usr/include/GL/gl.h (which declares
> > glActiveTextureARB) and w32api package installs:
> > /usr/include/w32api/GL/gl.h, (which does not).
> >
> > The w32api gl.h is dated later but does not declare glActiveTextureARB.
> >
> > Aha... it works _without_ the above patch when I hide
> > /usr/include/w32api/GL!  Is this a Cygwin bug?

Are there really supposed to be two copies of GL/gl.h?  If so, how does one
make sure that configure picks the right one?

Forwarded for your consideration.



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