Strange behaviour of gcc

Danny Smith
Sun Dec 29 20:19:00 GMT 2002

Hello Randall

Yeah, no documentation to speak of.  The only reason I know about it because
I've been chasing the _alloca bug that Fish reported. It is still present in
GCC trunk (3.4).  I have submitted a simple patch that fixes, but ... time for
a ping in the New Year.


rrschulz wrote:

Man! I scanned through the GCC man page for anything that would control this   

action, and couldn't find anything. I don't see "-mno-stack-arg-probe" listed
there at all, nor is any option that includes the word "probe."

Google ("GCC mno-stack-arg-probe"
turns up only three relevant hits (including one recent thread on the Cygwin
mailing list: <> and

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