rxvt shift f1 and f2 same as f11 f12

Fred Kulack kulack@us.ibm.com
Thu Dec 2 21:22:00 GMT 2004

I've been having a problem using rxvt where shift-f1 and shift-f2 end up
with the same scan codes as f11 and f12.
tn5250 to an iSeries really requires the full set of function and shifted 
function keys.

Did a bunch of searching and playing around with termcap and ilk.
Also found this but really not much luck otherwise.

I ended up making this change to my local rxvt version 2.7.10-4:
Though I didn't correctly build a non X windows version yet, it works for 
I'm really a rookie with terminal stuff. and I'm guessing there's 
some historical reason why it might have only processed up to shift-F10 
of shift-F12.
Anyone have any insights?

--- command.original.c  2004-12-02 14:54:03.802104200 -0600
+++ command.c   2004-12-02 14:54:28.477585800 -0600
@@ -179,9 +179,9 @@
        if (shft) {
-       /* Shift + F1 - F10 generates F11 - F20 */
-           if (keysym >= XK_F1 && keysym <= XK_F10) {
-               keysym += (XK_F11 - XK_F1);
+       /* Shift + F1 - F12 generates F113- F24 */
+           if (keysym >= XK_F1 && keysym <= XK_F12) {
+               keysym += (XK_F13 - XK_F1);
                shft = 0;       /* turn off Shift */
            } else if (!ctrl && !meta && (r->h->PrivateModes & 
PrivMode_ShiftKeys)) {
                switch (keysym) {

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