MSVC-dll under cygwin

Reini Urban
Fri Dec 3 07:18:00 GMT 2004

Shankar Unni schrieb:
> Mikael Ã
sberg wrote:
> You cannot mix Visual C++ ("real" C++, I mean, not C) and Gnu C++ 
> modules in any way whatsoever. The two have completely different class 
> and virtual-table layout algorithms.

You can actually. g++ emulates the msvc vtable layout.
But you should not because of different underlying runtime libraries. 
new/delete mainly, but a lot of other dependencies clash also.

> If you need to link a Gcc-compiled object to a VC++-compiled object, you 
> can only use 'extern "C"' APIs (and C structures) to cross between the two.

Reini Urban

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