cygwin 5.1 and XP?

Dave Korn
Fri Dec 10 18:23:00 GMT 2004

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> I installed CYGWIN_NT-5.1 on Windows XP.  It mostly works, 
> but there are
> a few anomalies that bother me.
> 1. CYGWIN_NT-5.0, which I have installed on my Win 2000 
> system, displays
> the CWD in the title bar.  5.1 does not.  I prefer the 5.0 behavior.

  You have a slight misunderstanding of the output from uname there: CYGWIN is
indeed cygwin, but the NT-5.0 or NT-5.1 bits refer to your underlying operating
system.  Windows 2000 is (internally) Windows NT version 5, and Windows XP is
(internally) Windows NT version 5.1.

  I'm not too sure how the title bar is set.  I think it's meant to be follow
the shell's prompt settings, but I find it unpredictable.  Most of my cygwin
windows just say "Cygwin" in the title, but once in a while one of them changes
to show the name of the command that's executing.  And then it stays that way
long after the command finishes running.  I don't get it, myself.

> 2. Problem with cp utility:
> bgold $ cp foo /tmp
> cp: Error copying file foo to /tmp: Access is denied.
> bgold$ cp foo /tmp/foo
> cp: Error copying file foo to /tmp/foo: The system cannot 
> find the path
> specified.
> But vi foo, :w/tmp/foo works

  There's presumably something a bit messed up with the permissions there.  What
do you see from "getfacl /tmp /tmp/foo . ./foo" ?

> 3. Dragging the pointer in 5.0 automatically marks text for 
> copying.  In
> 5.1 (or maybe in XP) this doesn't work and you have to 
> explicitly select
> Edit->Mark before each mark operation.  If this is a cygwin 
> problem vs.
> an XP problem, I would like to see a fix.

  This is down to the way you have your system configured, it's a windoze thing
not a cygwin one.  If you open the cygwin prompt, bring up the properties, and
go to the "Options" tab, you'll see a section called "Edit options".  The
ability to just drag the pointer and select text is enabled by the "QuickEdit
mode" option.  Just enable it on your XP machine.

> 4. When I bring up a new cygwin window, .bashrc doesn't get 
> run.  I have
> to type
> ". .bashrc".  I have run into this problem on other systems when I had
> "installed" cygwin by copying from a CD image of the cygwin directory
> from my home system (no net access).
> But in *this* case I had gone through the install process and 
> taken all
> the defaults, so I would expect it to run my .bashrc.

  Yep, it certainly ought to.  Maybe the permissions are messed up in the same
way as for /tmp?

  Say, you didn't by any chance install cygwin using the "Just for me" option
when you were logged on as a different username, by any chance?

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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