Non-US keyboard (PT) bash problem

Lino Miguel Martins Tinoco
Fri Dec 17 18:56:00 GMT 2004

My ~/.inputrc has all the set you mentioned:

XPTP165@pc701523 ~# cat .inputrc 
set meta-flag on
set convert-meta off # to show it as character, not the octal representation
set input-meta on
set output-meta on # to show 8-bit characters

# Mappings para teclado PT
#"\M-g": "ç"
#"\M-G": "Ç"
XPTP165@pc701523 ~# 

And bind -V gives:

blink-matching-paren is set to `on'
byte-oriented is set to `on'
completion-ignore-case is set to `off'
convert-meta is set to `off'
disable-completion is set to `off'
enable-keypad is set to `off'
expand-tilde is set to `off'
history-preserve-point is set to `off'
horizontal-scroll-mode is set to `off'
input-meta is set to `on'
mark-directories is set to `on'
mark-modified-lines is set to `off'
mark-symlinked-directories is set to `off'
match-hidden-files is set to `on'
meta-flag is set to `on'
output-meta is set to `off'
page-completions is set to `on'
prefer-visible-bell is set to `on'
print-completions-horizontally is set to `off'
show-all-if-ambiguous is set to `off'
visible-stats is set to `off'
bell-style is set to `audible'
comment-begin is set to `#'
completion-query-items is set to `100'
editing-mode is set to `emacs'
keymap is set to `emacs'

I tried with set meta-flag on and off, the results are the same.



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