Non-US keyboard (PT) bash problem

Igor Pechtchanski
Fri Dec 17 19:55:00 GMT 2004

On Fri, 17 Dec 2004, Lino Miguel Martins Tinoco wrote:

> My ~/.inputrc has all the set you mentioned:
> XPTP165@pc701523 ~# cat .inputrc
> set meta-flag on
> set convert-meta off # to show it as character, not the octal representation

Nope, convert-meta is used to strip the 8th bit from each 8-bit character
and convert it to the meta key (ESC) followed by the lower 7 bits.

> set input-meta on
> set output-meta on # to show 8-bit characters
The octal representation vs. the actual character is controlled by
output-meta.  See "man bash" for more details.

> # Mappings para teclado PT
> #"\M-g": "ç"
> #"\M-G": "Ç"
> XPTP165@pc701523 ~#
> And bind -V gives:
> [snipped]
> convert-meta is set to `off'
> input-meta is set to `on'
> meta-flag is set to `on'
> output-meta is set to `off'
Ah.  There's your problem.  For some reason, the "output-meta" setting in
your .inputrc didn't get propagated to your shell.

First, try typing "bind 'set output-meta on'" at the shell prompt, and
observe that it fixes your problem.  Then, try to find out why the setting
didn't get propagated -- did you restart the shell after editing your
~/.inputrc?  If you did, one of your startup files may be resetting this
-- try running a "bash --login -i -v" from a Windows command prompt, and
search the output for "bind 'set output-meta off'".

> I tried with set meta-flag on and off, the results are the same.

Incidentally, as I just realized while reading the above, meta-flag is a
synonym for input-meta, so using both is redundant.
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