Brian Ford
Tue Dec 28 17:02:00 GMT 2004

Cosmetic note for maintainer:

# cleanup old fonts
rm $(find /var/lib/texmf /var/spool/texmf /var/cache/fonts -name 'feta*pk'
-or -name 'feta*tfm' -or -name 'parmesan*pk' -or -name 'parmesan*tfm')

find: /var/lib/texmf: No such file or directory
find: /var/spool/texmf: No such file or directory
rm: too few arguments
Try `rm --help' for more information.

Maybe add a -f to rm?  That would eliminate one of the error messages.

As for the directory errors from find, I'm not sure how to avoid
them without pre-testing for their existance in the script and
setting a variable appropriately.  I understand that may add too much
complexity just to avoid a harmless error message.


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