Call for testing Cygwin snapshot (problem with getline?)

Brian Dessent
Mon Dec 5 11:18:00 GMT 2005

Nenad Antic wrote:

> Actually, I didn't mean that this happens only when building vith
> mod_perl (event though that's how if ran into it). It happens when
> configuring apache (1.33 and 1.34, at least), even with the fixes that
> exist in the cygwin packages. AFAIK apache builds fine on linux (did it
> on a debian installation roughly a year ago, don't have access to any
> linux box at the moment so I can't test it side to side) and linux
> distros normally have glibc included, don't they(?).

That is still a problem with the Apache configury though, it's not
Cygwin's fault.  Somewhere there is probably a target-specific file that
essentially tries to define getline() if __CYGWIN__ is defined, rather
than testing for existance of the function as all good autoconf tests

The build system for apache 1.3 is essentially a huge, nasty, spiderweb
of ugly hacks on top of more ugly hacks.  Hell it can't even build out
of the source dir without resorting to making a whole tree of symlinks,
including one for every html file of the manual, in all N languages.  So
it's not surprising that it's brain dead in this way.  1.3 is ancient
and they only allow commits to fix regressions, so it's bound to stay
brain dead forever.  2.x on the other hand ought to have a sane build


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