Drop Win9x support? (was: Serious performance problems)

Christopher Faylor cgf-no-personal-reply-please@cygwin.com
Sun Jun 5 22:18:00 GMT 2005

On Sun, Jun 05, 2005 at 12:52:58AM -0600, Warren Young wrote:
>Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>Well, *eventually* cygwin will be dropping cgf and corinna support.
>Is that another way of saying "over my dead [or MIA] body"?

I really don't know what I was trying to say, actually.  :-)

Maybe I was saying that "nothing is certain" or that "it probably won't
happen for a long time".

Both Corinna and I would love to give up on Win9x but I don't see it
happening in the next year or two, unless something changes drastically.
I guess eventually all of those old Win9x systems will have to stop
working and people will have to buy new XP systems.  Who knows when
that will happen, though?


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