passwd & group file problems ?

Roy Wiseman
Thu Jun 9 20:30:00 GMT 2005

Thanks for the insults   D A V E . K O R N 

You say you are offended, and that I am not in control
of my own actions (obviously highly offensive,
patronising and insulting statements). I am in control
of my own actions. You of course have answers that I
would like, and yet you dangle them at me in effect
with the maturity of a child it seems. I will not get
my answers, you will jealously guard them to prove the
point about the Linux community being closed and
secret and you have insulted me repeatedly here,
because you can.

You tell me to DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL, and yet I
am not your dog to tell what to do. You treat people
with an unbelievable level of disrespect. This is the
kind of touch-paper anger that I would expect from a
child, not an adult. And yet, of course, as I said,
you have answers to something that I would like to
know, so you choose to take offence at anything and
demean anyone around you that happens to be nearby.

by "anything", let me explain that : if I made the
mistake once of doing a reply all, then the damage was
done, that's simplistic logic that a 6 year old child
could understand right ? and so repeating the mistake
has not affected you in anyway whatsoever (anymore
than my original mistake), and that's clear, obvious,
logical and undeniable right ? and yet you SCREAM IN
patronise and offend wildly without any concern as you
feel that because you have answers to cygwin questions
you somehow DEMAND respect from everyone around you.
the logic I point out above is undeniable, and yet you
act as if I have fncked your mother ... get a grip, I
neither fncked your mother or offended you in any way
whatsoever ... you *choose* to be offended at
anything, and in this case, I did not a single thing
to offend you (please read the logical points that I
make above for my reasoning).

and to continue your incredibly offensive email, you
said something like "you come across as if you don't
pay the slightest attention " <bla bla something,
rant, moan, whine ... > that does not follow in the
slightest right ??? it takes a real leap of incoherent
ranting and unbelievable disrespect for other people
to come to that conclusion. i sent an email, that's
all, polite, friendly, normal. I do pay attention to
others, and I respect everyone I work with, family,
freinds, etc. and I even respected you, until you
chose to start insulting me for no reason (by "no
reason", try reading the points of logic that I make
above, all completely undeniable).

do you know the word "tantrum" in the english language
? i suspect that you have heard people refering to you
with this word often in your life ... thanks for the
insults and the rant mate, i would be offended if I
could actually see a logical basis behind your rant
(by logic, see above).

so I made a mistake, you are RIGHT, I made a mistake,
I admit it ... i didn't offend you, I didn't insult
you, I didn't disrespect you, and I did not do ANY of
the things that you accuse me of. so you hold your
secret "geek-knowledge" from me, push someone away
from Cygwin, that was really enjoying exploring it,
keep that knowledge for yourself and alienate everyone
and anyone that doesn't do EXACTLY WHAT YOU TELL THEM
TO DO, cos Linux/cygwin is not for polite adults, you
want me to fnck off and DO NOT REPLY and all that. ok,
so you win, another person who wants nothing to do
with rude little fat boys with no girlfriends, all cos
I made a mistake, well what a great advert for decent
maturity you are ! "come and use linux/cygwin, and
meet ANGRY ANGRY RANTY ILLOGICAL (see points above)
PEOPLE" (maybe your girlfriend/boyfriend cheated on
you and ran off with a friend leaving you with all
this anger, I don't know, all I know if that you
insult me without any logic (see points above). I
don't know why you have so much hatred for people who
have only ever been polite and decent to you.

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