displaying Windows program on Linux via ssh / X?

Jacek Piskozub piskozub@iopan.gda.pl
Thu Jun 16 16:11:00 GMT 2005

Tomasz Chmielewski <mangoo at mch dot one dot pl> wrote:

>I couldn't find it on Google and I feel it's a different thing than
>running Linux X applications (like xterm etc.), which is done by Cygwin/X.
> Is it possible to "display" Windows program on Linux via ssh / X?
> What I mean, normally we do something like that:
>windows_cygwin$ ssh -l user linuxbox -X
>linuxbox$ xterm
> and we start xterm on Linux, but it is displayed by a Windows X server.
>I want to do something in an opposite direction: start Windows apps on
>Linux display:

Well, if the target host is a dual boot Windows + Linux box, it is 
possible using ssh -X together with wine.

I just did that from WindowsME into another Windows box running Linux at 
the time. I used Cygwin (weel, this mailing list is about Cygwin, isn't it?)
 From Windows prompt:

ssh -x target_host
cd /wherever_your_C_disk_is/windows
wine freecel.exe

A nice screenshot of remotely run Freecell is here:

Of course I could start from Linux but that would have nothing to do 
with this mailinig list, would it?



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