4GB limit on FAT32

Oliver Vecernik ml@vecernik.at
Thu Jun 16 18:09:00 GMT 2005

Hi Brian,

Brian Dessent schrieb:
> No.  It's a fundamental limit of the FAT filesystem that will never go
> away.  Certainly nothing in Cygwin will affect it because Cygwin does
> not implement any low level filesystem code of its own, it relies on the
> windows API for that.

I misunderstood a statement in a forum. There seems to be no really
platform independant file system without those limitations. There is no
write support for NTFS under Linux and ext2/ext3 write support under
Windows is also not supported (at least open source). I also had a look
at FreeBSD, but the same situation with UFS2.

The only possibility is to buy the drivers from Paragon.


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