Suggestion for run (with patch)

Adye, TJ (Tim)
Mon Apr 9 20:59:00 GMT 2007

Hi Christopher,

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> I don't see any reason to include a non-cygwin version of a 
> program in the *cygwin* distribution.  If you don't have 
> cygwin1.dll in the path, then you aren't running in a cygwin 
> environment.
> This is not to say that I don't understand perfectly why 
> someone might want to not use cygwin or how wonderful it 
> might be not to use cygwin1.dll.  This just isn't an issue we 
> need to deal with here.

This is nothing to do with knocking Cygwin. I'm talking about using
run-native.exe to start Cygwin programs. However, when starting Cygwin
programs from Windows, I find it clearer to setup the PATH (and perhaps
start ancillary programs like Exceed) before invoking a Cygwin program.
Yes, I could probably change things around to work with the Cygwin
version of run (though for my use cases, that would be more convoluted),
but a non-Cygwin version used to be part of the package, and solved the
problem neatly. I am just restoring the functionality, and giving people
another option.

Also, since the run package is now part of Cygwin (and doesn't seem to
be maintained elsewhere), it seems an unnecessary confusion to maintain
two branches. If you really don't like having anything not linked with
cygwin1.dll as part of the distribution, then how about taking the
source-code updates and leaving the extra executable out of the
distribution - though that would be a pity for people like me who find
this the best way to start Cygwin programs.

As I said before, run-native.exe doesn't need to live in /usr/bin, and
could be called something else. But it is convenient to have available
as a way to start Cygwin programs (I have been looking to releasing some
other software to help with this, but I'm still tidying that up...).


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 Tim Adye
 BaBar/Atlas Groups, Particle Physics Dept, Rutherford Appleton Lab

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