Cygwin not functioning on laptop

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Mon Jan 1 03:42:00 GMT 2007 wrote:
> Hi, I am a proud user of Cygwin, mainly use it for
> programming with c. I recently got a laptop (acer Aspire 9424, intel core 2 duo
> 1,83GHZ, geforce go 3700 256mb, 2 gb ddr2) and installed on it the default
> Cygwin dll 1.5.23-2 along with the packages Devel, Doc, Editors, Math, Shells
> ("C:\asi")
> When I first hit the cygwin icon, the command prompt
> showed me this:
> 3 [main] bash 2604 fork_copy: linked dll data/bss pass 0 failed, 0x5BD00G .
> .0x5BD020, done 0, windows pid 2616, Uin32 error 487
> bash: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable
> bash-3.00$
> No command works. Normally It should have created a home folder ("manos") but it
> didn' t. I created a "home" folder  and a "manos" folder in it and copied all
> files from "C:\asi\etc\defaults\etc\skel" to "C:\asi\home\manos".
> After that cygwin sometimes functions (does not  show error, pops manos@manos~
> ,as it always should normally) - commands like ls,cd,nano work- but it usually
> doesn' t.
> I am looking forward  for help  .


> Warning: There are multiple cygwin1.dlls on your path

Well, your cygcheck output warns that you have multiple cygwin1.dlls in your
path.  That seems to be true since there's are 3 different places that
cygwin1.dll is found.  Get rid of all the duplicates.  Also of note is that
you claim to have installed 1.5.23-2 but your cygcheck suggests otherwise.
All the cygwin1.dlls you have are 1.5.18.  Unless this makes sense to you,
you may be better off cleaning up and starting over.

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