Make and rsync can no longer find commands?

Ned Batchelder
Tue Jan 2 12:07:00 GMT 2007

Right after sending my last message, I finally noticed what was 
different about the cmd.exe path and the bash path.  It wasn't the 
spaces, but the Windows path has an empty element in it:

    ...;C:\Program Files\Common Files\GTK\2.0\bin;;C:\Program 
Files\Common Files\Adobe\AGL;...

That seems to be what tripped up cygwin.  When running bash, the path is 
copied, but the empty element is omitted.  I don't know if my system 
path changed, or if cygwin did, but the two were not happy together.  
Removing the empty element on the path made everything happy again.

Thanks for the help.


Dave Korn wrote:
> On 01 January 2007 22:24, Ned Batchelder wrote:
>> Sorry, it's attached.
>> Another data point: These problems happen when running make or rsync
>> from a Windows console running cmd.exe.  If I start a bash session (just
>> by running bash in my Windows console), then run "make clean", it works
>> fine.  Same for rsync: run it from cmd.exe, ssh is not found.  Run it
>> from a bash session, and it works fine.
>   Well, that most likely means it's something in your .bashrc or .bash-profile
> that's setting your path in a way that it isn't set naturally in cmd.exe.  You
> might want to try moving "c:\app\cygwin\bin" earlier in your path, maybe
> something's getting confused by those paths with spaces in them.
>     cheers,
>       DaveK

Ned Batchelder,

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