CR/LF problems after upgrade

Dave Korn
Fri Jan 5 11:43:00 GMT 2007

On 05 January 2007 08:33, fschmidt wrote:

> After I upgraded cygwin, my scripts stopped working.  I see that this has
> something to do with a change in how bash treats CR/LF and I see a lot of
> old discussion on this topic, none of which I understand.  I am not
> interested in understanding the details, I just want my scripts to work.  So
> can I either go back to an old version of cygwin before this change, or can
> I add some commands to my /etc/profile to make my scripts work?  Any help
> would be appreciated.

  It's dead simple: just use the 'd2u' program on your script files, it will
convert the line-endings from dos to unix format and everything will be fine.

  Alternatively, there is a shell option for recent versions of bash called
'igncr' that persuades it to ignore CR when it finds one at the cost of a bit
of slowdown executing scripts.  See item #4 in the recent bash release

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