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Morgan Gangwere
Thu Jan 11 04:41:00 GMT 2007

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David Bear wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 10, 2007 at 07:26:44PM -0700, Morgan Gangwere wrote:
> David Bear wrote:
>>>> I'm attempting to script building mount points in order to handle spaces in
>>>> file names. So I do something like this:
>>>> homedir=`cygpath -w $USERPROFILE`
>>>> mount -buf "\"$homedir\" $HOME/myh
>>>> When I echo the mount command to the syntax looks correct.
>>>> However, when I actually run the mount command via the script I get the
>>>> message there are not enough parameters, like mount is not getting what it
>>>> needs.
>>>> Dealing with spaces is a huge pain... but this seems be one way to handle
>>>> them. Any idea why mount is unhappy when scripted as shown above?
> because you are feeding mount a path like /boo/some stuff/ like mount
> /boo/some stuff. unfortunately this is because you need quotes around
> that path.
> here's what i think your trying to run:
> mount /cygdrive/c/documents and settings/$UNAME/
> this will cause mount to think its bring run with the hooks
> ?/cygdrive/c/documents
> ?and
> ?settings/$UNAME/
> run something like mount "/cygdrive/c/documents and settings/"$UNAME"/"
> and it should work...
>> thanks for the suggestion.
>> in the script I use escaped quotes within mount line as I show above.
>> When I leave out the escaped quotes, I get what you show with multiple
>> lines of 
>> /cygdrive/c/documents
>> and
>> settings/blahhh
>> The escaped quotes should cause the script to pass the quotes on
>> through to the command line it generates. You can verify exactly what
>> the script generates by putting single quotes around the mount -buf
>> part of the string. so try this and see what your cygwin tells you..
>> #!/bin/sh
>> homedir=`cygpath -w $USERPROFILE`
>> echo 'mount -buf '"\"$homedir\" $HOME/mountpoint
>> It should be a complete runable bash snippet. It generates what looks
>> like a syntactically correct mount command.
>> What do you think?
it _should_ (note that i am _not_ a bash person.. id rather do python)
the only caveat i see is that you'll have to escape the '"' char to pass
it to mount.

this should be the only caveat but thats just my way of thinking

PS: sorry for any repeat postings.. thunderbird isnt doing reply-to well...
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