"cscope -d" can't find trailer offset if path contains space

Fred Ma FredMa@ieee.org
Thu Jan 11 05:14:00 GMT 2007

Thanks.  Here's some further info:


Dave & Diane wrote:
> Sorry for the delay - let me take a look at this in more detail. Given 
> the sleuthing you've done I'll probably have to go back to the cscope 
> owner at Bell-Labs.
> Will keep you posted.
> Dave
> [mlcscope maintainer for cygwin]
> Fred Ma wrote:
>> Bug fix request submitted for cscope via sourceforge:
>> This problem arose when using vim, but also appears when using "cscope
>> -d".  I get the error "cannot read trailer offset from file
>> cscope.out".  I browsed build.c to find that it is caused when reading
>> in a single number with fscanf.  To see what could be confusing
>> fscanf, I found the context of the "trailer offset" from
>> http://www1.bell-labs.com/project/wwexptools/cscope/cscope.html, which
>> shows that the number to be read occupies a single line along with
>> other space-delimited data, including the specification of the current
>> directory.  The space delimiting will get messed up if the current
>> directory contains spaces, which is often the case in Windows and
>> Cygwin (though it can also be the case in *nix).  P.S.: It also
>> happens with mlcscope.

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