.exe won't launch

Tim Prince n8tm@aol.com
Tue Jan 16 13:54:00 GMT 2007

tyger2718@gmail.com wrote:
> Dear all
> If I compile a c/c++/f95 program to produce an executable, and I try
> to launch that executable I have a problem:
> If I try to launch the .exe from the same folder containing the .exe
> (i.e just by typing the .exe's filename) cygwin returns
> 'command not found'
> If I got to folder above, and launch (by typing the lower folder name,
> backslash, .exe filename) the executable launches fine.
> Any ideas?
There are useful documentation links, and suggestions about how to 
report problems, at the bottom of your report.  Did you try the normal 
way of invoking from the current directory
./some.exe  ?

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