Snapshot speed on managing files

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Wed Jan 17 02:35:00 GMT 2007

Brian Ford wrote:

> A quick look via Filemon doesn't show where the time is going.  But since
> I don't regularly run this way, I'm not that interested in pursuing this
> further.
> I regularly delete 100,000 files at a time under 1.5.18, and the rm return
> is rather snappy.  About two weeks ago I was cleaning space of my drive
> under a then current CVS build with On Access Scan enabled (before my 64k
> I/O change, although I don't think that's relevant), and deleting a few
> thousand files was very slow comparatively.  So, I presumed I had seen the
> problem.
> Since I can't duplicate this observation now, I'm sorry for the wasted
> effort.

Did you update your build recently?  Corinna checked in a fix for this on
Saturday <>.

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