Best Windows Malware Ever!

Linda Walsh
Wed Jan 24 20:45:00 GMT 2007

Besides not being a cygwin util (as others have mentioned), whenever
I see someone posting an unsolicited, out-of-any-context
advertisement (spam) like this, my first thought is that someone is
trying to induce me to install their new "trojan" (or keylogger,
bot-sw, etc).

Of course if they post the source (which they never do), it might
be different...but it is quite odd to post a non-cygwin related
util, out of the blue, to a cygwin mailing list.

Do people still fall for these traps?

There's a reason why the software is "free"...(and closed source).

zzapper wrote:
> Hi
> I recently came across a (Windows) utility which stores the last 25 things 
> (clips) that you've copied and pasted. Click on the utility in your system 
> tray and up pops a 5 by 5 grid.
> Each pigeon hole in the grid shows enough of the clip to help you recall 
> the one you want.
> click in the pigeon hole and it pastes the contents.
> It's called M8 Free Multi Clipboard, I think it's WONDERFUL, it takes the 
> stress away from copy & pasting
> You can get download details and link (the free version is a little bit 
> hidden) here 
> (sorry if I've posted this before, but believe me you'll like M8)

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