sockets pbs..

jano trouba
Wed Jan 31 13:05:00 GMT 2007

>sys/socket.h is also a Cygwin thingy.  Only the include files under
>/usr/include/w32api and /usr/include/mingw are useful for non-cygwin
>apps.  If you want to use the POSIX headers, build a Cygwin app.


Let's say I do not want the POSIX flag. And I want to use only w32api and 

so  what should be my flags ?

> > >> cc -Wall  -D_POSIX_SOURCE -D__rtems__ -mno-cygwin -mwindows

cc -Wall -march=athlon-xp -mno-cygwin -mwindows    ???

But the /usr/include directory is the default, isn't it ?
All the files in that directory are common, aren't they ?
Or shoudl I re-define the default as being /usr/include/mingw ?

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