Andy Koppe
Tue Dec 30 12:10:00 GMT 2008

Reini Urban wrote:

> Transparency in XP! Good.

That's only a matter of a couple of function calls actually. 
Unfortunately though it applies to the window as a whole, not just to 
the background. Per-pixel alpha can be done, but only at the cost of 
painting all the window decoration manually, so that's not going to 
happen. It might be more feasible in Vista though.

> Line cursor: hmm.

Sorry 'bout that. I tried to stick to both Windows and X conventions, 
but where they clashed I generally went with Windows-style defaults, for 
consistency with the rest of the system.

The following settings will give you something more Xish:
   - Looks:
       Cursor: Block
       Enable cursor blinking: off
   - Mouse:
       Right click action: Extend
       Copy on select: on

> Speed: Fastest.


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