editrights - which permission is necessary to fork a process

Matthias Meyer matthias.meyer@gmx.li
Tue Dec 30 23:16:00 GMT 2008

Matthias Meyer wrote:

> Hi,
> I want to use rsync's pre-xfer in Vista. Unfortunately it didn't work if I
> run the rsync daemon within in the system account.
> I would believe that theire are rights necessary which are not included in
> the system account. Nearly the same as I found in ssh-host-config for
> privilege separation.
> Did anybody knows which right(s) is/are necessary to fork a subprocess?
> Or someone knows where I can find a documentation of the rights which be
> provided by the editrights.exe program?
> Thanks in advance
> Matthias

No rights are necessary. I tried it all :-(
The only way to run rsync with pre/post xfer in Vista is:
- install sshd
- run rsyncd as a windows service under an own user
- ssh from another machine into this user. If you want you can log out
immediatly. But an "ssh ... whoami" isn't enough.
- connect to the rsyncd an run your backup.

I do not understand why this ssh login is necessary or where my mistake.
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