native emacs and manual page

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Wed Dec 31 15:38:00 GMT 2008

peter360 wrote:
> 2 If I start emacs from cygwin bash shell, I get a popup window stating
> "c:\Program Files\GNU\emacs-22.3\bin\cmdproxy.exe the NTVDM CPU has
> encoutered an illegal instruction. ...  Choose 'Close' to terminate the
> application"

I know very little about emacs (I'm not a user) but this response looks
very much like what you'd see if Windows tried to execute one of Cygwin's
(old-style) symlinks.  Unforttunately, I can't tell you which one though
I can say it's not 'man' (or shouldn't be in a normally installed
configuration.)  If you require further assistance from this list, I'd
recommend reviewing the problem report requirements found here:


Pay particular attention to the bit about *attaching* the cygcheck

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