mintty & less

Lee D. Rothstein
Mon Mar 16 06:10:00 GMT 2009

I'm having some problems with 'less' in a 'mintty' window that are not
consistent. Specifically while paging through stdin (to 'less'), in
'less', the first time I try to use <HOME> or <END> to go respectively
to the beginning or end of the stdin stream, the 'less' navigation
hangs until I hit <CTRL>-c. Then they each work.

This only happens regularly when I use 'less' overtly. It seems to
happen rarely when 'less' is invoked by 'man'.

So typical command lines where it does happen are:

  $ ls -lR|less
  $ find . -name "*.ion"|less

And, while it seems to me that I have, on occasion, got hang to occur

  $man rsync

I couldn't get it to happen just now, at all.


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